On 2/7/21 5:58 AM:

"I like these comments on this article:  globalists-are-gonna-need-a-bigger-virus-as-economic-fraud-is-exposed

I think there is a good chance they are using the "pandemic" to find better “person recognition” algorithms based on heat signatures etc., dialing in the ability to recognize people based on more than just facial features. They know they need to be able to do this. Thus, face masks everyone! Now we can train our algorithms to recognize you even if you cover your face!


February 4, 2021 At 2:26 Pm

Yep. I have also started to notice a few “Branch Covidian” friends — who up until now have been taking the "pandemic" at face value — starting to openly sense that something is amiss and that there seems to be no end to the restrictions and cancelation of almost all in-person social life. This may be where the globalist hand has been over-played, because a lot of naive-but-well-meaning people were initially on board with “two weeks to flatten the curve” out of a desire to be a good citizen and then went along with each successive goal-post shift in the narrative because they sincerely thought the arrival of the vaccines would be the end and they'd go back to in-person work, school, pub, and football game. Now that they're being told that the restrictions will need to continue even WITH the vaccine, people are starting to wake up, blink hard and ask “WTF??"

On 2/7/21 7:50 AM:

"I'm not sure they have the ability to create a real "pandemic". They can mess around in the lab, but it doesn't mean it will spread. Probably why they went with covid19 and a hoax response. People under 70 have a 99.5% survival rate if they catch covid. People over 70 have a 95% survival rate.  This is per Full Measure's show today. Yet there are idiots out there taking a dangerous "vaccine" that isn't really a vaccine by definition.

Larry King died of covid at 87, but he said on his show that he got a flu shot every year — for decades. Not a smart play. And I wouldn't be surprised if he actually died of the covid vaccine."

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