Dr. Fleming-Dutra presented today at the CDC's Advisory Committee meeting regarding the covid vaccines and claimed high efficacy. So I wanted to remind you what her data showed about the efficacy of those vaccines rapidly diminishing to zero and below”after 6 months making vaccinated people of all ages more likely to get covid.


“-///”-“Until proven otherwise, it is likely that covid mRNA vaccines played a significant or primary role in all unexplained heart attacks, strokes, cardiac arrhythmias, & heart failure since 2021”


Full interview out today


“-///”-=F0=9F — =9E*WORLD NEWS AND COMMENTARY* =F0=9F — =9E

=F0=9F'=89 The CDC's mostly-ineffective vaccine advisory committee will meet today starting at 8:30AM (EST) to decide whether to recommend making the experimental mRNA covid vaccine part of the childhood vaccine schedule. Then the CDC will ignore the committee and do whatever the government wanted to do anyway. If you're a glutton for punishment, you can watch the all-day hearing here:


Actually, if you've time and interest, you'll probably hear a lot of public comment that you agree with, including solid scientific information. So it might be worth a watch. Some of us have to work, though.

Public comments are still open and are due before the end of the day tomorrow. It might not do any good, but it can't hurt to throw your $0.02 in. Hey, THEY asked. There were only 422 approved comments as of this morning, which blew my mind. Surely we can do better than that. Here's the link where you can submit your comment, but read the rest of this section first.


The comment guidelines say duplicated or mass-submitted comments will be deleted, so you'll have to draft your own. If you go for it, you should review their 'checklist for comments' to get an idea of what they're willing to approve. Feel free to mine old C&C posts for whatever might be helpful or useful.

To give you an example, here's the comment I submitted. (Don't copy and paste it ” they'll just remove the duplicates.) While I have no idea whether they'll approve it, my comment meets the 'checklist.'

'The precautionary principle argues that, in cases where harm may occur, the proponent of a treatment has the burden of proving harmlessness.

Easily available evidence suggests that pediatric covid vaccination MAY BE linked to increased cases of pediatric myocarditis. And, based on its own research, the State of Florida has recommended against pediatric vaccination absent compelling need.

Those promoting the covid vaccines for children MUST prove the ABSENCE of causation before the drugs can be approved for the childhood vaccine schedules.

Although the precautionary principle may be overly-limiting in some cases, when dealing with our own children, who are the future and security of the human race itself, the principle must be paramount. Reject scheduling the vaccines until and unless proponents can prove safety and efficacy beyond a reasonable doubt. Thank you.'

Have at it! Remember: your comment is a permanent record that you objected to this madness when you had the chance.

If (when) the CDC approves the drugs for the childhood vaccine schedule, Pfizer and Moderna will immediately enjoy permanent liability protection. Their current liability protection under the PREP and CARES Acts ends when emergency use authorization expires. Thus, childhood vaccination scheduling is IMPERATIVE for the drugmakers, and thus, also imperative for their captured government regulators.

Regardless of whether the CDC approves scheduling the mRNA shots, remember ” we're in a war, not a battle. If the covid shots are scheduled, we'll shift the battle lines to de-scheduling them.

We will never, ever quit.


“-///”-Brainwashing the Children through Schools

While there's nothing wrong with learning about the the safe use of technology, the introduction of the term =C2=AB Digital Citizenship =C2=BB is a clear message to children.


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