I just thought I would remind you there are alternatives to YouTube. See below:

  • Air.tv
  • Limited State YouTube Videos
  • Banned
  • BitChute
  • Brand New Tube
  • Brighteon
  • Rumble
  • SteemIt
  • Steamable
  • UGETube
  • funnyordie.com
  • lbry.tv
  • liveleak.com
  • ww1.1movies.is
  • londonreal.tv
  • minds.com
  • odysee.com
  • rutube.ru
  • tiktok.com
  • tubitv.com
  • twitch.tv

    And, search for more, below:

  • alternatives to
  • YouTube&FORM=ANCMS9&PC=U531″>Bing search results
  • YouTube&t=h_&ia=web”>DuckDuckGo search results

  • You can download bitchute videos using these websites (among many others): ymp4.download or tubeninja.net, or this software application: 4kdownload

    Google alternatives

    And this one lists a BUNCH of video streaming sites, with the option to download

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