Took a test yesterday. Hope I passed! New job depends on it! Hope I did better than the previous day's job-related test. That one was on Windows 7 and Server 2008 techie stuff, and I just haven't kept up with Win 7, not as a tech, especially in regard to its various corporate scenarios. The test only served to remind me how tired of being a techie I am. I don't even want that job.

I should at least (finally) update my home computers from XP and Vista to Windows 7 (or 8 if they're up to it). I used Win 7 at my previous job and liked it. Windows, that is, not the job. Never could put my finger on why I hated that last job so much. Oh right, the constant sucking-up, top-down withholding of critical information – if not outright lying – and back-stabbing. Sure, that happens in any corporation, but that place was the worst. I'm just glad it's in my rear view.

The test in question above was a drug test, by the way. I'm pretty sure I'll pass! I haven't taken any drugs in months! I did wonder if there was any chance those yogurt-covered pretzels I ate just prior might cause a false positive. If they were poppy seed bagels, I might still be worried.

I visited two separate doctor's offices yesterday, starting the day in my primary care physician's new location for my quadrennial physical exam. Yes, another “exam!” And, yes, I know those are supposed to happen more than every four years, but who has that kind of time? I also learned my daughter's former Daisy Scout troop leader, Bri, is my doctor's new officer manager. While in the waiting room, I texted my wife about that. She said to remind Bri that her troop co-leader, Sarah, was looking for her about some troop money. Awkward! But my wife assured me Sarah only wanted to know where to send that money.

I never saw Bri again except in passing on my way out, and by then I was in no mood to talk. I'd been poked and prodded too much and just wanted to get out of there. At the beginning of the physical, my blood pressure was 150/100 or something “fairly elevated,” as the nurse put it. At the end of the exam, they tested again and my b.p. was a perfect 120/80. As I told the doctor, that first reading was probably because I was not allowed to eat anything since the night before. All I could drink was black coffee, so that's what was in my system. I didn't mention that keeping me waiting 30 minutes in the waiting room didn't help. I absolutely hate waiting when I've made an appointment. The appointment was for 10 a.m., and I got there at 9:50 a.m. I held up my end, why couldn't they do the same? Doctors think their time is more valuable than mine, that's why. Monetarily, I suppose it is, but not in reality. But enough about that. I can feel my b.p. rising again. 🙂

After the physical, with Publix right there across the street, I went and bought one of those large canisters of powdered Gatorade that I mix like Kool-Aid into a jug and consume in large quantities. I had run out of it at home, and Publix always seems to have the lowest price. That might be the only thing they have the lowest price on. It helps my back, or rather, my muscles which otherwise have a tendency to spasm.

I'd been needing a haircut, too, and my usual Great Clips is just a couple stores down from Publix, so I stopped by for a trim. Number 8 on the sides and back, scissors on top. I missed out on last week's half off sale, but at least my wife approved of the cut this time. My daughter didn't, but oh well.

After this, I considered returning home for another shower because my primary care doctor had been sticking his big, gloved, Vaseline-coated fingers into places they don't belong. But I toughed it out and went next to the drug testing place in Brentwood. Too bad I couldn't have had it all done at my regular doctor but, as I explained to my doc, the place I was going to work – the reason for this drug screening – was another hospital company in town and they were my doctor's competition.

Now for my next test. The home security company will be calling to test and see if they need to send a tech out since we cancelled our old phone in favor of Magic Jack through our new Comcast internet connection.

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