I can't believe I made it. Of course, it's not over yet. It's only dinner time. It's been a LONG day. I'm at McDonald's as I write this. I tried to get online with their free wi-fi, but you have to have an account already before you can use it. Now I know. For some reason, this McDonald's reminded me of the one in Moscow, Russia. I don't know why. There are no similarities other than the logo. Not even the name looks the same, because of their Cyrillic characters. But, even here in Nashville there was a foreigner behind the counter taking my order. At least this one didn't point and laugh at me like I was a freak, like the kid in Moscow did.

The first real activity Elizabeth and I did today was to go to the Belcourt Theatre for the play, “Hansel and Gretel”. It was pretty good. Elizabeth really enjoyed it. She loves live performances of every sort. Afterward, she was able to say hello and shake the hand of the actors at the entrance. She wouldn't shake the witch's hand, though, even though the woman said, “I'm actually really nice.”

After finding a parking ticket on my windshield (which I intend to fight because I saw no place to pay), we then stopped by the Fairgrounds where Tara/Mom was helping her dad at his jewelry booth at the monthly flea market. This month, not next month, is always the best-selling one, and he needed some extra help. His wife Linda was at their booth at the Jack Daniel's event in Lynchburg.

And now we're at McDonald's and all the other kids have gone and Elizabeth is begging me to play with her. She can't ever play by herself, she has to always play with someone.

And now I'm online somehow, but only with Firefox, not Internet Explorer. Something to remember. Anyway, a new batch of kids have shown up and Elizabeth is happy again. Even better, she saw a boy from her old school, and she's busily getting caught up with him. No, two boys, and they're now happily playing in the playground. One of the boys has a white NASA jumpsuit on, like he just came back from Space Camp down in Huntsville. Looks like I'm stuck here for a while, until they leave, anyway.

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