Funny how the day after commenting on Facebook (see below) about driving past a local rich neighborhood, this morning in that same neighborhood I ticked off the driver behind me by having the gall to use a turn lane properly. You do realize you're not supposed to use that center two-way turn lane for more than 50 feet, right? I learned that in traffic school. 🙂 Of course I've broken that rule many times myself, but I at least try not to use it (some call it the “suicide lane”) for the last quarter mile leading up to the turn like the guy behind me was doing.

So, I merge in front of him. Safely. Because I have to turn up ahead. And I leave plenty of room to spare between me and him. But I was only going 25 or so because that's what the traffic in front of me was going. Funny how that works. But the guy behind me – some chubby-faced middle-aged white guy in a bright green shirt (no, I wasn't seeing myself in the mirror, but we do all pretty much look alike) – comes barreling down that lane going at least 40-45.

He honks his horn for a solid four seconds, just to make his point. I look up at him in the rear view and flip him off, but I doubt he could see that because of the darkened windows. But then I have the pleasure of having him on my ass the rest of the way to work, another five miles. And wouldn't you know it, he works in the same building! But he took the second entrance while I took the first. So, he probably doesn't work for the same company. There are four or five companies in that one building on Carothers Parkway in Cool Springs/Franklin.

I kept an eye out for him the rest of the day, but never saw him again … until leaving work! That's right, he was right behind me again as we left the parking lot! At the next light, he'd pulled into the left lane next to me. So, I looked over at him. Yep, same guy. Same bright green shirt. Still looked angry. Probably hates his soul-sucking corporate crap job almost as much as I do. At least I don't drive a minivan like he does. And, sorry, but having that little Dodge ram logo on the front doesn't make a minivan any more macho. But I digress.

Life's little synchronicities like this crack me up. Anyway, when the light turned green, he sped on up ahead. Still in a hurry. I kept my distance. I don't want idiots like this in my vicinity. Unfortunately, I kept catching up to him at the next several lights. Sometimes, speeding in traffic works out, but most of the time, it doesn't, like it wasn't for this guy.

Anyway, I lost track of Angry Green Shirt Man when I turned left and he turned right at the same intersection where this morning's “altercation” occurred. I had to pick up my daughter from camp, and at the last second I realized turning left at that light would get me there quicker.

He probably had several road rage incidents before getting home. Probably kicked his dog and snapped at his kids, too. Life sucks when you're angry all the time. I know from first-hand experience. That's probably one reason I write blog posts like this, just to get things off my chest and not end up like Angry Green Shirt Man.-

Me, yesterday near Brentwood via mobile

I feel superior just driving past The Governor's Club! (Local uber rich 'hood). Imagine how people living there must feel!

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Nick : I thought I saw you drive by my house this morning

Jayson : In debt!!!

Constance : What he said lol

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