It seems pretty certain that the deep state is attacking outspoken doctors and people in the alternative health care space by using bioweapons. I've heard comments for several years now from these outspoken people. They attend an event and very soon their health takes a drastic dive.
Now one such person has died pretty young and very suspiciously.
By me spreading the word I might be doing exactly what these creeps want – sewing fear. But by now people should realize we're at war (5th generation war where there are no formal declarations) between the global cabal and regular humans.
Rather than let this type of attack scare you, just realize what's going on and know how to remain in top health. Like our ancestors before us, were living in dangerous times. It's just a fact. But don't let it affect your attitude and outlook on life. You can become your own worst enemy by simply changing your own viewpoint. But it also means you can instead be your own best friend by changing your viewpoint. It's all just a matter of perception.

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