Today we were approved to be volunteer food drop coordinators in the area for a company you may like to check into called Azure Standard.

Natural Organic Foods, Recipes & Healthy Living

Looking for where to buy natural, organic groceries and environmentally friendly home supplies? Look no further. Azure in a Nutshell=85 We specialize in delivering quality bulk and natural foods across the country.

When the scam-demic hit in March 2020, my wife found this company online and every month since then we have been buying the majority of our food through them.

They have organic and non-organic with often surprisingly competitive prices. For philosophical reasons of promoting a company that is ethical and the organic farms they buy from, plus the fun old-fashioned system of delivery which reminds me of hitching up the wagon, driving into town to get your sacks of supplies, we eventually became dedicated buyers.

But we absolutely hated how most people arrived in masks!!!

Recently, one place we picked up our food from was in Davis, CA where that volunteer was so damn stupid, a total MASK NAZI, I had to complain to the company. That quickly led me to establish our own food drop location and today that has begun.

I have made the rule of NO MASKS ALLOWED. I will also not allow vaxed people to join us, but if I just tell them that up front, they might just lie and will be the biohazard they already are and defeat the purpose. So they will also have to contact me and I'll start up a discussion about the plandemic and see how they respond. It should be easy enough to spot the morons we want to stay away from for our own health.


If you happen to be in the Sacramento region, maybe you will appreciate what I have set up – NO MASKS ALLOWED. We were driving as far away as Napa, Benicia, Vacaville, Davis and Rancho Cordova. Since it was sometimes 1 hour away, I think our no mask drop in Sacramento might attract many people who want to have this type of atmosphere.

delivers nearly everywhere in the USA. It's quite an amazing system of truckers. You can poke around their website and probably find a drop map to see if you are anywhere near one.

I hope to meet some sane people in our area this way and build a new community of people who know the truth about what's going on, are fighting against it and just want to have a sane place to get their food.

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