We made it this far! The plane ride was terrible for several minutes when we had to fasten our seat belts, which Elizabeth did not want to do. She SCREAMED loudly for quite a while, ticking off everyone nearby. Luckily, part of it was drowned out by the sound of the jet engines revving up and taking off. After that, she pooped her pants (I think for the second time this trip), and Tara had to take her to the bathroom to change her. It was horrendous. I'll let Tara blog about it, but I will say that the ONLY two times in the flight that the plane swerved at all was while Tara was in the bathroom trying to change Elizabeth's pull-up diaper. It swerved so much, I wondered if the pilot was avoiding a sudden flock of geese or something. At least getting out of the airport went very quickly and uneventfully.

This morning, after three hours sleep, Elizabeth passed her physical with flying colors. The reason we only got three hours sleep was because we got into the hotel late and couldn't sleep until about 1 a.m. At 3 a.m., Elizabeth woke up screaming. For some reason, I was the only one who could console her. Probably because of the few Russian phrases that I do know. Then we had to wake up at 6 to be picked up at 8 for Elizabeth's appointment. Just before that, we had the worst $60 breakfast I've ever had. No, this hotel, the Holiday Inn – Moscow Lesnaya, does not provide a free breakfast like all the other ones where we've stayed.

I just got back from a long walk going to the grocery store and pharmacy to get more wet wipes for Elizabeth and a few things to eat in the hotel room. The refrigerators in these Holiday Inns are booby-trapped to charge you for any item you might move or remove. So, you can't use the fridge for your own stuff. At least, we're afraid to. They do provide a hot pot, so we can cook a few things. On my walk to the grocery store, I discovered a TGI Friday's! It's too far for Elizabeth to walk, but maybe they do take-out so I can bring it back to the room.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, we have our Embassy appointment. So, I GUESS we can leave Thursday? I sure hope so. The only thing I dread about the flight back is the fact that Elizabeth's next poopy diaper on a plane will be MY turn to clean up. I'm fairly sure Tara will never let me forget that.

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