a couple of interesting videos on the


The Great News About SVB's Collapse, a Dave Ramsey Rant


Short Seller That Nailed FTX, SVB, and Silvergate Says…


On 3/13/23 13:16, wrote:


it's the younger companies that had money in svb ,  like Roku




On 3/13/23 11:3

0, wrote:


>It operated like a venture capital firm — purely speculative.  It 

>wasn't really a bank. Nobody should trust Silly Cons who are so

>emotionally arrested that they immitate each others' speech patterns.

>If you listen to Mark Zuckerberg or  Yoel Rother (of Twitter), they

>are indistinguishable.


>On 3/12/23 14:10:

>>In case you have not been following it, it'd be wise to catch up

>>before Monday.


>>I feel so sorry for the woke silicon valley corporations who used

>>that bank.

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