Listening now, but I've never heard of Mike Gill, and I follow horse racing. Also, in order to remove some of the "click bait" quality of this email, here's this:


Shadow Banking Whistleblower, Mike Gill, joins the program to discuss the alleged crimes he encountered. He is asking Congress to release the names from the Pandora Papers so the American people can learn the truth about the shadowy banking underworld. Gill once owned the largest mortgage company in the United States and the most successful Thoroughbred Horse racing stable in the world.

Here's a snippet about Gill from a NY Times article:

The scrutiny of Gill intensified after the strange case of a 9-year-old claimer named Casual Conflict. After the horse, a gelding, sustained a fatal injury in a race on Feb. 3, the veterinarian Philip Aleong, who was working for Gill, went to an area of the track where the carcass had been hauled and he amputated the horse’s broken leg. That led to speculation that Aleong was trying to remove incriminating evidence, perhaps some evidence that there had been drugs in the horse’s system or that an illegal procedure had been performed on the horse’s leg to block or remove pain-sensing nerves.
Aleong and another veterinarian, Leonard Patrick, who also worked for Gill, were subsequently barred by Gulfstream officials. But Gill and Shuman were cleared on March 25, when tests administered on behalf of the Florida Pari-Mutuel Division showed nothing untoward with the leg and no signs of illegal drugs.

Sent: Saturday, March 18, 2023 1:02 AM

Subject: World’s top horse racer reveals a bombshell

Yea, and I thought I already knew most of it. It’s almost incomprehensible.

Sent: Friday, March 17, 2023 10:58 PM

wow. it’s amazing how deep the CORRUPTION is!

On Friday, March 17, 2023 at 09:34:14 PM PDT:

This is amazing and affects all Americans no matter where they live. The more people become aware of this, the better chance it can be fixed. It’s something I never knew anything about before. But it fits into all the other problems we already knew about. You really need to share this with everyone you know.

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