yes, Gen Z is Gen Zero!

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Mostly true, but it'd be tragic if a close relative were a victim. Sorta like the bioweapon shots have a lot of suicide victims, but in most cases they're victims of their own naivete and thought they were doing the right thing, unlike fentanyl. From:

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Subject: Re: Best president since JFK= it's voluntary suicide from drug addicts and useless breathers

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You mean because of all the fentanyl we have a good future? Or did you mean the opposite?

"If it weren't for the cartels giving= fentanyl to t our useless Gen Z, the US would have no good future."

Seems less news (especially from gaslight media) would help. And call me in the morning.

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Subject: Re: Best president since JFK=
life is more bothersome lately, and political= advocacy I find extremely tiring, especially since I know your opinion on everything ahead of time.

Also, I watch too much news, so people's opinions don't impress me. If it weren't for the cartels giving fentanyl to our useless Gen Z, the US would have no good future.

On 4/15/23 11:44, wrote:

I honestly think pedo joe, our illegitimate POTUS, stealing the 2020 (s)election, was the very best thing that could have happened to the USA.

Why, you ask?

Because it has revealed to the majority, maybe vast majority, how utterly deep the corruption goes in this country, in virtually every corner of society, from politics, education, finance, "health", corporations, police, etc.

If Trump had actually taken his win and been inaugurated for his 2nd term, vast numbers, the majority, wouldn't have been made aware of the completely rotten condition we have now.

So I think pedo joe is the best possible POTUS since JFK. Nobody is even close.

As challenging as are the times we now have, it's the greatest time ever to be alive. We all have the opportunity to help remove the rotten core that inflicts the country and create a good future for future generations.

And if people don't make enough progress this year to fix things, maybe another installation of another puppet POTUS will finally do the trick by waking people up enough to demand the changes we need.

Most of all each person must realize our true situation. If they are still living in the fantastic lies and deceptions the gaslight media and the entertainment business portrays, we won't make any necessary changes.

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