Wow, I didn't know that about the criminals on the Jan 6th commission. They all saw what really happened yet made up a completely false narrative. Evil bastards.

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Subject: Re: Biggest crime in history?
anybody who still thinks biden's "government" is good is delusional.
Similar to the 75 years they wanted to HIDE the Pfizer documents, the illustrious Jan 6th committee wants to not make their records available for 30 years (kind of reminds me of how o'bama hid so many of his records).

On Sunday, April 2, 2023 at 10:24:25 PM PDT:

In case anyone wants documented proof that Pfizer has committed possibly the greatest crime in history (and the major media refuses to say a single word about it), I invite you to watch this video by Dr Naomi Wolf (a democrat) who created a team of volunteers to go through tens of thousands of pages that Pfizer was ordered by the court to release to the public.
They had wanted to wait 75 years to release it and you'll understand that it's because the documents are so damning.
I've been telling everyone who would listen about this insanely evil corporation for years and billions around the world naively trusted the evil governments with their health.
The book mentioned in the video was released 3 weeks ago and the proof of Pfizer's crimes comes from the fact they have not responded whatsoever to these claims. And media is silent because they are party to these same crimes for having promoted these toxic shots, guilty of advertising fraud.
Many will not believe anything if it doesn't come from these major TV stations, but since they are involved in these crimes, do you really think they will just confess? Isn't it more obvious they will try to bury it?
For those who already know about this medical fraud, consider buying the book to share.
If you know me, you can be sure I have more details I can provide of more crimes by pharma, governments and corporations. Just ask.
We must stop this medical fascism for future generations.
And if anyone really wants the full truth, you'll eventually discover the virtually everything we've been taught is a complete lie – everything. It's almost beyond comprehension.

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