How about we use human intelligence to combat actual conspiracies?

"That Borg-like greeting could be coming soon to the internet in the form of new AI overlords. In a recent chilling interview, Microsoft founder and billionaire Bill Gates called for the use of artificial intelligence to combat not just digital misinformation but political polarization.

He is only the latest to call for the use of either AI or algorithms to shape what people say or read on the internet. The danger of such a system is evident where free speech, like resistance, could become futile.

In an interview on a German program, Handelsblatt Disrupt, Gates calls for unleashing AI to stop certain views from being magnified by digital channels. The problem is that we allow various conspiracy theories like QAnon or whatever to be blasted out by people who wanted to believe those things.

This is not the first call for AI overlords to protect us from ourselves. Last September, Gates gave the keynote address at the Forbes 400 Summit on Philanthropy. He told his fellow billionaires that polarization and lack of trust is a problem.

Bill Gates Wants to use Artificial Intelligence to Combat Conspiracy Theories first appeared on Health Impact News…."

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