I'm as guilty as anyone about trying to add content to my blog just for the sake of content (because search engines look for and rate highly based on how “fresh” your blog's content is). But someone whose blog/newsletter I subscribe to has stooped to simply stating the obvious, maybe phrasing it differently, just to have an “interesting” topic of discussion. I guess it's no worse than what politicians and the “news” media do, but I don't want it in my inbox.

As an example, I received an email newsletter this morning talking about blog stats and how they should be read, and how bloggers just don't appreciate them as they should. “Did you know,” the article asks (I'm paraphrasing), “you can virtually enter your readers' minds through a proper reading of your blog stats?” Like being a medium, I guess? Their point was that you can see what people are interested in and, accordingly, write more posts in that vein. No sh*t.

In other words, you see which articles are the most popular and you then write more articles on that subject. Wow, what incredible insight this newsletter writer has! I'm being sarcastic.

But enough ranting. I've been participating in and listening to Jeff Goins' TribeWriters course and have come to his “Reach” audio. In it, he recommends “reaching out” and “engaging” your readers. Good advice. He probably wouldn't advise writing such a grumpy post as I've just done, but oh well.

Anyway, I am hereby reaching out and engaging my audience. This assumes I even have one. He calls an audience a tribe, which I don't like at all. I'm not a tribal person. I like individuals, not groups or tribes or posses or crews, and especially not followers. Otherwise, he does generally give great advice. So, if you read this and it “resonates” or “rings true” or otherwise “floats your boat,” please leave a comment, below. And of course you should always fee free to link to any posts or pages you find herein. Thanks!

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