Trump's 4-year presidency was a demonstration of the power of the Swamp.

I wrote to TN senator Blackburn about Biden spying on Tucker Carlson,

but, unlike other times, I got no response. I hear on Coast radio that

she's in the pocket of big pharma, passing legislation to protect the

producers of opioids such as Walgreen's and Purdue Pharmaceuticals.

She's big on anti-abortion, because it's a social conservative stance

that won't cost her any support from the Swamp, won't cost the Swamp any


Big PHarma employees think the opioid crisis is funny. One of them

re-wrote theĀ  Beverly Hillies song along the lines of: "This is the

story of a man named Fred, poor mountaineer couldn't keep his habit fed."

Of course, it fits with the depopulation agenda.

On 8/3/22 11:25:

Interesting. No surprise whatsoever. And I bet most states have

corrupt parties on both sides. There is no way a very red state will

easily give up power and control to some newcomer. Dr Shiva ran into

this in Massachusetts – the uniparty.

Wednesday, August 3, 2022 5:40 AM


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