Ah, yes, the good ol' Nigerian prince (with a Hungarian email address, for some reason) scam, “just looking for somewhere to park my money!” First of all, their numbering system is messed up. File number 180 out of 86? Anyway…

Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Federal capital territory Office.

Dear Friend

It is with trust and confidence that i write to make this urgent business proposal to you. I was assigned by two of my colleague to seek for a foreign partner who will assist us in providing a convenient foreign account in any designated bank abroad for the transfer of us$52,750,000.00 pending on our arrival in your country for utilization and disbursement with the owner of the account.

blah blah blah…

As government officials, we are not allowed to operate foreign accounts, and this is the reason why we decided to contact you. [I am the obvious choice.] We have agreed that if you/your company can act as the beneficiary of this fund (us$$52,750,000.00 million)15% of the total sum [did we mention how huge the sum is?] will be for you for providing the account while 5% will be set aside for the expenses incurred during the cost of transfer of the fund into your account while 80% will be reserved for us.

blah blah blah

Please note that we have been careful and have made all arrangements towards the success and smooth transfer of the fund to your account before you. For security reasons and confidentiality of this transaction, we demand that you should not expose this proposal and the entire transaction to anybody. [does posting it on the internet count?]

blah blah blah… including your bank name & address, account number,telephone number.

Note: our president Muhammadu Buhari collaborated with Ibrahim Magu as the new EFCC chairman, Economic Financial Crime Commission, Mr.Ibrahim Magu [bad president and chairman!] to stop the junior ranks officers from transferring funds out of the country.

… In addition, there are some faceless beings in my country [scary!] that are making use of top government official names to swindle money from innocent citizens and that includes my name…. You can confirm by searching the name of our Central Bank of Nigeria Governor; you will see that his name is part of the scam list meanwhile we are innocent officials [completely innocent, we swear!] completely unaware of the situation happening.

Yours faithfully, [I'm sure!]

Dr.Ken Obiorah. Chartered accountant. Private E-mail:drkenobiorah@citromail.hu

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