it's possible to make diesel fuel. I remember that a science teacher at my school had a diesel truck and had her students work on making diesel fuel for it.I don't know how it's made. In a couple of "recipes" I've seen, one needs methanol. Hmm, methanol needed? So, I wonder where the methanol would be gotten if fuel isn't available and making one's own diesel is the only way to be able to fuel a vehicle.

Anyhow, I think that getting a diesel generator would be quite wise if one can also make fuel for it.

I'll continue to investigate making diesel but without methanol

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#yiv2379750209 P {margin-top:0;margin-bottom:0;}Seems to me the use market like Craigslist will soar for these items.

And also seems to me off road vehicles sales floors will suffer so badly they will shut their doors.

Such criminals. Such damn morons, but that's not really true because they know exactly what they are doing to follow the global agenda.

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Subject: Re: buy an extra lawnmower or chainsaw now= we have electric ones of both kinds

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