Here at are several celebrities born in Sacramento (my home town), in alphabetical order by first name, and only the ones I've heard of. Click their name for a search.

Adrienne Barbeau

Adrienne Jo Barbeau is an American actress and author best known for her roles on the TV series Maude (1972) and in horror films, especially those directed by John Carpenter, with whom she was once married. She was born on June 11, 1945 in Sacramento the daughter of an executive for …

Anthony M. Kennedy

Anthony M. Kennedy was born on July 23, 1936 in Sacramento as Anthony McLeod Kennedy. He has been married to Mary Davis since June 29, 1963. They have three children.

Brian Posehn

Brian Posehn was born on July 6, 1966 in Sacramento, California, USA. He is an actor and writer, known for Run Ronnie Run (2002), The Sarah Silverman Program. (2007) and Knights of Badassdom (2013). He has been married to Melanie Truhett since September 4, 2004. They have one child…

Brie Larson

Brie Larson has built an impressive career as an acclaimed television actress, rising feature film star and emerging recording artist. A native of Sacramento, Brie started studying drama at the early age of 6, as the youngest student ever to attend the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco…

Charles Mann

NFL on NBC (1965) and NFL Monday Night Football (1970).

Colin Hanks

Colin Lewes Hanks is an American actor. He was born in Sacramento to actors Samantha Lewes and Tom Hanks. Colin is best-known for his work as “Jack Bailey” in the series, The Good Guys (2010) and as “Alex Whitman” in Roswell (1999). Hanks' best-known film role may be in the teen movie, …

Evelyn Ashford

Evelyn Ashford was born on April 15, 1957 in Sacramento USA. She is married to Ray Washington. They have one child.

Gary Weinberger

My childhood friend who grew up to be a baseball player!

Greta Gerwig

Greta Gerwig is an American actress, playwright, screenwriter, and director. She has collaborated with Noah Baumbach on several films, including Greenberg (2010), Frances Ha (2012), for which she earned a Golden Globe nomination, and Mistress America (2015). Gerwig made her solo directorial debut …

Herb Caen

Herb Caen was born on April 3, 1916 in Sacramento USA. He was an actor, known for State Trooper (1956), Cheers (1982) and Revolution (1968). He was married to Ann Moller. He died on February 1, 1997 in San Francisco, California.

Hiram Johnson

Hiram Johnson was born on September 2, 1866 in Sacramento as Hiram Warren Johnson. He was married to Minnie L. McNeal. He died on August 6, 1945 in Bethesda, Maryland, USA.

Jessica Chastain

Jessica Michelle Chastain was born in Sacramento and was raised in a middle-class household in a Northern California suburb. Her mother, Jerri Chastain, is a vegan chef whose family is originally from Kansas, and her stepfather is a fireman. She discovered dance at the age of nine and …

Joan Lunden

Joan Lunden was born on September 19, 1950 in Sacramento as Joan Elise Blunden. She is an actress and writer, known for Thank You for Smoking (2005), Conspiracy Theory (1997) and What About Bob? (1991). She has been married to Jeff Konigsberg since April 18, 2000. They have four …

Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson's 12-year career (1987-1998, 2000) with the Phoenix Suns (after a mid-season trade from Cleveland during his rookie season) ranks him as one of the five greatest point guards in the history of the NBA. He was a ferocious, blindingly quick penetrator – perhaps the quickest player in …

Lee Greenwood

Lee Greenwood was born on October 27, 1943 in Sacramento as Melvin Lee Greenwood. He has been married to Kimberly Payne since April 11, 1992. They have two children. He was previously married to Melanie Cronk, Roberta Taylor and Edna.

Lisa Ling

Lisa Ling was born on August 30, 1973 in Sacramento as Lisa J. Ling. She is a producer and actress, known for Our America with Lisa Ling (2011), Birth, Wedding, Funeral and The View (1997). She has been married to Paul Song since May 26, 2007. They have two children.

Mark Goodson

Mark Goodson was born on January 14, 1915 in Sacramento as Mark Leo Goodson. He was a producer and writer, known for Tattletales (1974), Password (1973) and What's My Line (1951). He was married to Suzanne Russell Waddell, Virginia McDavid and Bluma Neveleff. He died on December 18…

Michael Avenatti

Well known American trial lawyer, best known for his representation of adult-film actress Stormy Daniels in her lawsuits against President Donald Trump.

Rae Carruth

Rae Carruth was born on January 20, 1974 in Sacramento USA.

Randolph Mantooth

Randolph Mantooth definitely fit the bill when he made a bankable name for himself in the TV medical series Emergency! (1972) as strong but sensitive paramedic/firefighter “John Gage”. Tall, dark and quite handsome, he is of Seminole Indian heritage, born in Sacramento one of four …

Rodney King

Rodney King was born on April 2, 1965 in Sacramento as Rodney Glen King. He was married to Crystal Lynnette Waters and Dennetta Lyles. He died on June 17, 2012 in Rialto, California.

Spider Sabich

Spider Sabich was born on October 1, 1945 in Sacramento as Vladimir Peter Sabich Jr. He died on March 21, 1976 in Starwood, Colorado, USA.

Steve Sax

Steve Sax was an all out, hell-bent for leather baseball player. Born in Sacramento Sax signed a professional contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1978 at the age of 18. Advancing through the minor leagues, he made it to the big club in 1981 after being named the Pacific Coast …

Sam Elliott

Tall, thin, wiry Sam Elliott is the classic picture of the American cowboy. Elliott began his acting career on the stage and his film debut was in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969). Although his future wife, Katharine Ross co-starred in the film, the two did not meet until they filmed The …

And here's one from nearby Folsom, where I spent the first half of my childhood…

Spider Jorgensen

Spider Jorgensen was born on November 3, 1919 in Folsom, California, USA as John Donald Jorgensen. He was married to Lenore Jones. He died on November 6, 2003 in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

[…and his daughter was my sister's best friend in high school.]

UPDATE: Here's a better list on wikipedia.

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