flip a coin.heads the first one is righttails the second one is right

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I'm sorry, I don't answer two-part questions! = But seriously I didn't ow anything about it. = I just routinely apply updates.

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, did you install it on purpose knowing it had that app? If so, why?

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Subject: Re: contact tracers = I installed that update and it screwed up Facebook and Instagram on my phone until I reinstalled those… twice.

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Good to know that. But don't be so sure about your strategy. If you are in someone else's contact list, they will have it. So I am telling the people I have I will drop them and they to drop me.

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Subject: Re: contact tracers = Yes, totalitarian control seems to be the wet dream, but it won't happen. Well, maybe in California. Anyway't go to the doctor't get tested, and you don't need to scrap your smart phone yet.=

It is interesting though, that Apple has been wanting to install that update on my iPhone for over a week, but it can't because I have it set to not autoupdate and it needs a wifi connection, power cable and to be locked at the same time for it to do that.

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In case you are not keeping up, you will want to view this:

https://youtu.be/qFUyZWw7qoc A Women Gets Her Contact Tracer Certificates and Tells All youtu.be We thought about dumping our smart phones in favor of flip phones. But I don't know that it is any solution. Flip phones have a GPS chip inside, too. So we could turn it off or put it inside a shielded bag. But who can guarantee the phone provider will continue each month to allow people purchase minutes?

If many switch to a flip phone they may just stop selling them or providing service.

We might have to consider dropping out of the modern luxury of a cell phone. Just remember the 90s when only a big clunker was a cell phone. I still have one of those stashed away in some box.

Also, if you care to contact me, you may just want to make a note on paper somewhere of my phone which is a land line (maybe the last one on Earth?) –

Don't keep it in your contacts because I don't want anyone who goes along with contact tracing to find me as your contact. Just keep things written down in your own phone book

like the good old days. Yea, that seems like ancient history now…

And a month or two ago, people like were asking me if I can spell "paranoid" – how has that been working out?

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