SARS-CoV-2-like Spike Protein Sequences with Affinity to hACE2 Were Present in the Public Databases in 2005. Plus, a Hint on SARS-CoV-2 Laboratory Origi

Lau et al. published three sequences with an interesting legacy that involves genetic manipulation by Ralph Baric published in 2008.

The implications are profound; Why is everyone ignoring it?

“-///”-How often does this happen?

Trust the science? Why should we? Biden's co-head of 'scientific integrity'

just got caught breaking rules. =C2=AB An eious violation =C2=BB.

“-///”-Chasing Corona

Full article:

How Gumshoes Outed The Smoking Guns Of CoronaVirus…

… The Furin Cleavage site is the 'smoking gun' of CoronaVirus, with the Spike and Clamp proteins being cleaved in exactly the same manner as HIV to increase infectivity dramatically. Neither furin cleavage sites had ever appeared before in nature.

Cottrell explained the furin cleavage site allowed glycoprotein 160 to be cleaved into the GP120 'spike' and the GP4,1 'clamp,' which made HIV far more infective. This CoronaVirus, SARS-COV-2, had exactly the same type of furin cleavage site for the CoronaVirus 'spike' and 'clamp.'Paul Cotrell explained that the CoronaVirus GP120 and GP41 cleavage were extremely similar to how the S Spike protein and the subunit cleavage is SARS-COV-2, indicating the smoking gun came from the HIV team of Redfield, Birx, and Fauci.

I remember being aghast when I had this explained to me for the first time. I use the 'hammer and tongs' English expression here to emphasize the 'spike and clamp' relationship. When I also found out that Dr. Redfield of the CDC has patents for the GP160 precursor protein and Dr. Fauci had patents for the GP120 protein interfaces, it became apparent that this was a design team of a bioagent looking to cover up the evidence of the manipulation.

I knew from that moment on that CoronaVirus was a man-made bioagent, and the Task Force lockdown was going to be played out before my eyes with this virus, not influenza.

“-///”-In classic abuser style, the abuser is now making himself out to be the victim.

Shane Patton, Victoria Police Commissioner and once considered a bright and rising star who could have fixed the rot within VicPol's ranks has resorted to playing the violin in the hope that we'll all feel sorry for him.

Here's my take on it:

It's weird how Daniel Andrews has gone (mostly) quiet… yes he's been seen here and there but we're barely 6 weeks from an election and he's just… playing it very safe.

Plus he's ended the Pandemic Declaration. This is excellent, but again the timing in the leadup to the election suggests that he's feeling some sort of pressure.

In politics this is what's known as a 'small target strategy', trying not to give the opposition anything to aim at.

He shouldn't be so worried, the opposition have proved time and time again they couldn't hit the broad side of a barn… they've been worse than useless and if they couldn't score a hit on Daniel Andrews in 2020-21, then he shouldn't be so worried now.

So why is he worried?

I think he's worried for the same reason 'Shame' Patton is in damage control mode… he knows he's in trouble. Or at the very least they know that his win isn't exactly the foregone conclusion the polls say it is.

Daniel Andrews missing, Pandemic Declaration done away with, Shane Patton in damage control mode… Must be an election season!

Please get behind your preferred candidates in your local area! Volunteer for them, give them the foot-power they need to letterbox, put up corflutes, hand out how to votes on election day etc.

In 6 weeks it'll be too late to do the work and we'll be stuck with the result, so if Dan Andrews wants to hide and be forgotten till the election, let's make sure everyone remembers him, and not in a good way!

In Freedom,


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