"trust the plan"?

For 2 years it told us that the swamp would go before "military tribunals" and then go to Gitmo. NOTHING of that sort has happened. it's like Obama "hope", made to appease the sheeple that all will be okay as you sit back and smile

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Subject: Re: coronavirus and aliens!


Q is a group of top military insiders that simply as questions intended for people to research and discover on their own.

Believe what you want, of course. I wonder why you think Qanons are nuts.

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Subject: Re: coronavirus and aliens!

they weren't really saying anything at the start so I skipped through. In skipping through, I heard them tell of some "history". Of course, he then referred to "Q", which is a sure sign that he's a NUT. I continued skipping through and never heard an "plan". (oh yeah, I forgot, Q says "trust the plan" and some day he'll tell us what it is)

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Subject: Re: coronavirus and aliens!

timeline of military contact with aliens


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Subject: Re: coronavirus and aliens!

I've seen it. But that's a good website for alternative news.

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This looks like your cup of tea:


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