If you read my posts, you know I try hard to wake people up to the fact that the poison gene therapy that they falsely label a "vaccine" is going to kill everyone that gets it. Many will die immediately (see VAERS on the CDC website for the latest carnage) and many will die down the road in maybe 6 months or 2 years.

As the top vaccine scientist from Denmark says whose job has been to create vaccines for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (and GAVI), etc. it will ruin their immune system and is a worldwide disaster already.

But I realize too many have been utterly fooled by the CIA mind control / brainwashing techniques that “vaccines are safe and effective” and will never snap out of it. They are hell bent on getting that poison because they have been tricked into thinking that will return the world to “normal.” NEWS FLASH – that's a total lie.

But I am also an optimist and try to find the silver lining in everything. I think there are silver linings this mass genocide brings.

For the people who are (maybe unwittingly) sacrificing themselves on the alter of fake science, they are eventually going to snap people out of the trance they are in and many who planned to get the poison jab will finally change their mind.

I know not all are the democratic party morons because many will follow Trump off a cliff and he's claiming it is a “modern miracle” which implies you should get it. This means many Republican voters will be getting this suicide in a needle therapy – not just democrats. But probably a higher percentage of lefties have been fooled than on the right. This leaves us with an even greater margin of sane people to win in future elections (once the fraud machines are eliminated).

And one friend pointed out to me just now that low IQ individuals who are more likely mere sheep will effectively raise the average IQ of the human population once they are sacrificed. As terrible that sounds, we must face the fact this is actually what will happen – like it or not.

Hopefully, and I think this is happening, people of all origins will wake up to this scam and avoid this lethal injection. And we won't lose too many people before the psychopaths behind all this are finally taken down and tried for their crimes against humanity.

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