Yea, most who think about it finally realize it's not science, but corporate scientism which is using the science community to subvert real science and find a way to make a profit rather than let the chips fall where they may when discovering new things. True science would never claim "the science is settled" – that's just the Big Pharma propaganda machine trying to keep people sleeping.

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one thing that he mentioned was "gullible" and "global warming.

Liberals (like our neighbors) have signs that say amongst other things that "science is real" but all they know is social science. I am frequently trying to educate people about CO2 and warming. Scientists (no, not social scientists) studied ice cores in Vostok, Antarctica. In studying "400,000" years of them, it showed that higher CO2 FOLLOWED the warming. The crazy thing about that study was (even in a video they put out) that though their own data showed that, they were still saying that CO2 caused the warming, as though it came first. Yeah, so many gullible people don't understand science (or what their eyes show) and instead believe the lies of Al Gore and the media.

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Nobody will debate Dr. Coleman, so will they kill him instead?

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