In the twenty minutes that Tara and I left Elizabeth alone, she found some (child-safe) scissors and cut off all her hair. At first I thought it was just wet. Then I realized she'd cut it all off. I laughed and said I was just glad she hadn't hurt herself.

A few seconds later, Tara came into the room and I told her what Elizabeth had done before she saw it for herself. Tara did not laugh. She was on the verge of tears. Elizabeth had such beautiful hair. Elizabeth thought she was in trouble, but I told her I thought she did a pretty good job, actually. And that made her smile.

It was four-thirty on a Sunday. We were fairly sure no salons were open. I suggested the cheap chain, Great Clips, that I go to nearby. Tara called and asked if they could help. They were nice and stayed late fixing Elizabeth's hair. The stylist told Tara, “I've seen plenty of kids' hair after they've cut it themselves, but this is the most hair I've ever seen one of them cut off!”

Anyway, now Elizabeth looks like a boy. Luckily, she's still very cute. 🙂 She looks like she did in Russia, actually.

UPDATE: Tara has figured out why Elizabeth did it. It makes perfect sense to me: Tara and Elizabeth had been talking lately about cutting Elizabeth's bangs; Elizabeth has been watching the movie Mulan over and over lately, a movie in which the lead character, a girl, cuts her hair in order to look like a boy; and, finally, Elizabeth was bored, temporarily unsupervised, and she had scissors.

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