I bought 3 generators, big ones. All are gas. Still need to get them started.

I figure I can run my welders with them. Probably sell one, but want two for extra security.

A diesel generator is usually much larger but I'd like one along with a diesel truck for the same reasons as you said. I just am not yet familiar with them, so would have to get something in good working condition.

And diesel is safer to store and transport. Long storage too.

Sent: Wednesday, February 15, 2023 12:46 AM

I am looking into generators for us, just joining a FB group that talks of powering a house with one. I got notion that it might be good for our church to become a "survival location" with a generator, food, and water and mentioned it to my pastor. He liked the idea. He asked about fuel. That reminded me that diesel vehicles can run on recycled restaurant oil so I'm going to look to see if generators can also.

Though Sherri mentions frequently a wish to move out of here, I doubt we'll do it. I'd much rather that the liberals put themselves six feet under with vax after vax and leave Kalifornia to sane people.

On Wednesday, February 15, 2023 at 12:10:18 AM PST:

To start your own process of establishing a trade network outside of the current corrupt system.

The person who wrote this message below is offering something to teach people how to do it. I'm not going to pay for it but some people might choose to.

It was also the subject of today's newest Corbett Report: Watch on BitChute

I hope it's becoming clear of the need to get rolling on this. More and more people are talking about it of late.

Don't miss the message below. It reminds me I want to donate to Bitchute to keep that free speech platform going.

johnbush512.activehosted.com@d4c.emsend1.com on behalf of Bush – Live Free Academy

Sent: Tuesday, February 14, 2023 4:13 PM

Subject: They will freeze your funds and shut down your bank account

30 years ago, the government dealt with "domestic threats" by using the mighty force of the militarized police to murder people. Ruby Ridge, Waco, and the Montana Freemen are just some of the top standoffs from back then.

Very soon, they won't need to send in SWAT teams to punish political dissidents. They won't even need to speak to anyone. The newest and most dangerous form of political coercion is economic warfare. We got a small glimpse of it in Canada. Hundreds of citizens who donated to the Freedom Convoy had the funds in their bank accounts frozen without any court order or just cause.

But that wasn't an isolated incident. Larry Brandt, a long-time supporter of internet freedom, used his old PayPal account to fund servers to run Tor nodes, routing internet traffic in order to safeguard privacy and avoid country-level censorship. Now Brandt's PayPal account has been shut down. PayPal has become notorious for booting people off their network for no good reason.

I was even a victim of this! PayPal has shut down multiple accounts of mine for different businesses. But I think one of the scariest examples of a government censoring activists, dissidents, protesters, and more is how the HSBC bank in England and other banks shut down and denied the account of BitChute founder, Ray Vahey.

After pressure from activist groups, HSBC bank terminated BitChute's account, but didn't give them their money. They tried transferring the money to another bank, but were again denied. BitChute still hasn't received their funds.

Now imagine a world where you don't even have another bank to go to – you have just one bank account from one banking institution that has a monopoly on money. And imagine that this money is completely digital and can only be programmed by the bank. This is what's coming with central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

They wouldn't have to harass political enemies using force – they would be able to hit you where it really hurts, your wallet, with just a few keystrokes. Can you see how it will give the central bank the power to freeze, shut down, or steal your money? Isn't it obvious that they will expand this power to force as many people in society to do what they're told without resorting to direct violence?

CBDCs are the greatest threat we face to our liberty, privacy, and future prosperity. This nightmare is already here.

I'm taking big, bold steps to opt out of the CBDC system right now. Want to join me? Then check out the 60-Day CBDC Exit Plan. For 60 days, starting on Feb. 25th and ending in late April, I'm going to host 4 workshops (modules) walking you step-by-step through a complete system for opting out of the central bank system and becoming financially sovereign.

If you follow the 60-Day CBDC Exit Plan and apply what you learn, you'll make it impossible for banks or governments to shut you down.

But you must sign up by Friday, Feb. 17th at midnight central time. The 60-Day CBDC Exit Plan will be gone after Friday.

This is the only blueprint ever created to actually restore our rights to privacy, financial sovereignty, and economic freedom. Get it here:

P.S. The replays of the CBDC Opt Out Challenge are still available to watch for FREE. But the replays disappear Wednesday, Feb. 15th at midnight central time. Watch them for free here before they're gone: LiveFree.Academy (Day 2 – 5 are linked on the Day 1 page)

P.P.S. I'm hosting a very special "CBDC Opt Out Challenge RECAP" on Wednesday as well! So if you don't have time to watch all the replays (YOU SHOULD MAKE TIME!), you can just attend this recap and get the highlights of the best strategies, tools, and resources to make a super actionable plan to break free from CBDCs immediately.

A challenge participant, who is the winner of the Day Two prize, has even figured out that the crypto wallet I recommended using isn't working right now for Monero, so I'm going to teach you about a new and super easy to use crypto wallet that is fully functional when it comes to sending and receiving my favorite privacy coin.

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