Obviously a work in progress but, here goes… in no particular order. PLEASE add your own by leaving a comment below!

"You gave me nothing, now it’s all I got." from One by U2

"If you’re sleeping, are you dreaming? If you’re dreaming, are you dreaming of me?" from Calling You by Blue October

"Used-to-be’s don’t count anymore, they just lay on the floor ’til we sweep them away." from You Don’t Bring Me Flowers by Neil Diamond

"No matter what I say, you’ll ignore me anyway. I might as well talk in my sleep." from Casual Conversations by Supertramp

"Had a dream it was war, but they couldn’t tell me what it was for." from Had A Dream (Sleeping With The Enemy) by Roger Hodgson

"Sometimes I think too much, but say nothing at all." from Tell Her This by Del Amitri

"Step out the front door like a ghost into the fog, where no one notices the contrast of white on white." from Round Here by Counting Crows

"I’d rather be dead than live a lie." from White Flag by Joseph

Along those same lines (no pun intended), see One of the All-Time Great Rock Era Lyricists

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