Yeah, I told of that "secret oath" to Israel by former congressman Cynthia McKinney 2 years ago: Cynthia McKinney US Lawmakers Forced to Sign Pledge to Support Israels

On Sunday, August 15, 2021, 12:44:22 PM PDT:

Free Speech Platforms

I think this is an important message from Andrew Torba of Gab.

I really dislike this guy Dan Bongino more and more. He's not really for free speech, as he claims. His "freedoms" don't include free speech or he wouldn't have that "hate speech" clause in terms of service.

It's about time these sneaky Americans are exposed as being the flip side of the coin of the Democrats. Republicans who support "hate speech" clauses are fooling themselves and are no better than the Nazi regime of the fake POTUS of 2021. That includes Trump, DeSantis and just about everyone else in Congress, by the way. You should know the secret oath members of Congress are forced to take that says they support Israel first (above the USA). It's incredible but now an open secret.

The pro-Israel faction in the USA is massive. Why aren't they truly America First? They can't be because they are Israel first. Can't have both first.

I support America First and always will. The US Constitution allows freedom of speech and that includes the ability to criticize ANYONE including the Nazi tactics of Israel. [I have no] problem with Jews, but their politics are going to take down this planet if we don't wise up to their Nazi tactics.

Banksters are the biggest criminals out there and are behind the Great Reset. Guess who are these banksters… criminally-minded Jews!

I know the Zionist supporters will attack me for saying this but I don't care whatsoever. I call it like it is and it's about time others do the same. These criminal banks are about to enslave the entire world and if you support their Zionist thinking you are only helping them.

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