by Jeannie Womack

Joseph wore many hats in his life,
the first one was of son,
next an officer, a Dutch Marine,
that to him was fun;

In Maastricht, in '49,
he married his childhood love,
now he was Tina's devoted spouse,
and together they set up a nice, clean house;

8 years went by, his son, John, was born,
3 more years came daughter Ann,
His kids grew up, John became a man,
and soon he saw, he was my father-in-law;

A few years after that happy event,
he put on a wonderful new hat,
he had 2 super granDChildren,
now he was an Opa, can you image that?

The Dutch club he belonged to,
had him play St. Nicholas,
and to Tiffany and Thomas,
this show could not be missed;

Some knew him as Uncle,
others as God-Father,
helping everyone he could,
it was never a bother;

As a leader, teacher, or supervisor,
the hats fit him just fine,
he was a great example,
true to his every word and kind;

He called himself a Child-of-Christ,
he led a Christian life,
his concerns were of his family,
and mostly of his good wife;

I'm honored to have known this man,
his heart so big and warm,
his smile could really light up a room,
his death we will surely mourn;

Most everyone who knew Joseph,
soon would call him friend,
and every hat he has ever worn,
fit him well, even in the end;

So now we all are gathered here,
together, hand-in-hand,
to say “Tot Ziens” and “Ik how van yow“,
to an extraordinary and loving man.

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