An excerpt:

The use of PCR to detect specific sequences is trivially non-controversial, if it is done in an expert manner. First, the primers are chosen computationally to match only the target species (or quasi-species, in the case of viruses). Second, multiple targets can be selected that help nail down the results in case one of the single. Finally, if the primers are nested or hemi-nested — that is if the targets sequences overlap, a local sequence can reliably be determined on a percentage of the samples as a direct gold-standard check to estimate both the true positive rate (the probability of detecting a virus that is truly present) and the false positive rate (the probability of detecting the target when it is truly not present).

I expected when CDC's PCR test failed that there would likely be a variety of approaches that would be developed by commercial nucleic acid technology companies. I started advocating for private mass testing, with an emphasis on 'private', expecting that accurate testing would emerge.

I was astonished when I saw that the FDA had only requested that commercial suppliers provide data on the true positive rate, but no data on the false positive rate.

Worse, I was astonished to learn, upon reading the documents being submitted to the FDA, that the test kit manufacturers were not including positive control sample material to allow the determination of cycle threshold (Ct) by which one makes the call for a given patient that the virus was present or absent. Cycle thresholds are the number of rounds of amplification necessary to reach a specific point in the exponential growth of the number of copies of target sequences. This must be done for each patient separately — even if the test is the same kit done in the same lab, on the same day, by the same technician — because the amount of starting material in each swab varies.

This was the first time I had ever seen any RT-PCR-based test NOT use a positive control sample. The lack of a positive control sample means that the assay was qualitative, not the robust and rigorous qRT-PCR ('q' stands for 'quantitative'. For example, even the RT-PCR test for the Monkeypox virus uses a positive control sample.

Instead of using empirically derived Ct values per patient, generic Ct values were used. These were part of the kits, but they were not published. This was unusual. I asked medical freedom activists to request from their local health department what Ct values were being used to determine a diagnosis for a patient. Multiple people did, and the reply was the same: that information is proprietary. This was ridiculous; the exact Ct being used is not a top-secret part of a test, but is, instead, an essential aspect of checking the reliability of the results of an RT-PCR test.

Here's a video on RT-PCR…

“-///”-Fraud by Omission

On Beaudoin, Excess Mortality and GigaohmBiological

An excerpt:

Australia loves Remdesivir, it was approved early, in July 2020.

covid-19 treatment: Gilead Sciences Pty Ltd, remdesivir (VEKLURY)Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)

But if you go into the Product Information you will find this on page 6.

pdf (

Renal impairment

In animal studies on rats and monkeys, severe renal toxicity was observed (see section 5.3). The mechanism of this renal toxicity is not fully understood. A relevance for humans cannot be excluded.

Australia has its own special history when it comes to Gilead Sciences and Remdesivir malfeasance. This from Nov 2020 is the best essay on the subject.

Remdesivir, Hydroxychloroquine and covid-19 ” Quadrant Online

“-///”-Suing the FDA!

America's Frontline Doctors' legal team is taking a stand against the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and its illegal mandates against ivermectin!

Our lawyers have filed an amicus curiae brief supporting a lawsuit filed by a group of brave doctors who have successfully used ivermectin with patients.

These doctors are willing to risk their careers to defend the truth!

This lawsuit takes direct aim at FDA's shameful interference between doctors' and patients' rights when treating people suffering from covid-19.

This lawsuit has significant implications for the future of medical freedom. That's because the FDA is unlawfully enforcing ivermectin mandates. The FDA cannot make or enforce laws against using ivermectin, but they did so anyway. (Editor's note: Isn't that what the TGA did?)

Fighting for Medical Freedom, Fighting for the Future of America

Thank you for standing with America's Frontline Doctors. We are committed to fighting for your rights and fighting back against the mis-information of Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Government!


This story is going to be short.

I am somehow just very moved and saddened by the fact that this man is dead at 63.

Could his passing be unrelated to the covid shots he got? Anything is possible”no one checked”but there are too many cases like this, and, combined, they don't pass the logical 'coincidence' test.

I am sad about this. I am very sad for him. I am sad for the blind spot that possibly cost him his life. Yes, people are allowed to make any choices they like. But I am still sad.

I am sad about the power of deceit to kill.

And by God, since I have worked in the media myself, I am mad at the irresponsible journalists producing the 24/7 happy carnage soundtrack.

(I'll be posting an interview with Alexandra Latypova soon, going over the wild inconsistency of the lots and explaining why, despite the super high number of injuries and deaths, many people know nobody who got hurt.)

I have thought about it a lot, and I do think that without the media, the deceit would have been impossible to pull off. They are creating the ungrounded confidence in people's heads. They are the makers of the hypnotic butcher's lullaby. Their 'business as usual,' confident tone does hypnotize, and they are responsible for putting people to sleep. The amount of data showing the toxicity of these shots is through the roof.

Yet, the confident tone of the lullaby can put a busy person to sleep in the metaphorical sense up until the moment it becomes the literal sense. And then what?!!

Being killed by deceit seems to be a recurring theme.

And I want the carnage to stop. I also want to be wrong but I think I am right, and I want the carnage to stop. Dishonesty kills!

I am praying for the elevation of the souls of the slain.

I am praying for the unpoisoning of all of our bodies and minds, without delay.

May we be victorious over any deceit, known and unknown, and may we live and thrive!!!; filename=%22bb63c6a1-aa7c-4a39-adae-0f1437bde107.pdf.pdf%22


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