I am a small, semi-retired farmer. Only 30 acres and 10 mother cows. My wife still has a couple years to work. We have been looking forward to this time of our lives since we got married 46 years ago. Things are so bad here that what we used to take for granted has now become a luxury. We have one of the best restaurants in the whole area just a few miles from us. We don’t go there anymore because it has gotten out of hand. Many things have doubled and we actually have to plan a trip to town and do everything at once just to save gas. Went to the grocery store. Bought 4 plastic bags of food and stuff. 125 bucks! When I see uncle joe on tv I just cringe. He doesn’t have a clue. It seems like we are no longer citizens but have become subjects. I am going job hunting tomorrow in hopes we can hang on ’til he is out of office. This sucks!

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