Marx objected to the emergence of the "bourgeoisie" (middle class) which

ended the feudal period.

Liberals,marxists-in-training, must never admit they're elitist and

racist, but should, when confronted,  project their racism onto the

bourgeoisie, who it is their mission to eliminate. Bourgeois values like

family, thrift, work, honesty, fairness and decency facilitate the

growth of the middle class and are anathema to the preferred depravity

of upper class "stakeholders," whose values should be instilled, through

education, in the children of the bourgeoisie to facilitate its downfall

and usefulness as slaves for  the elite. Above all, liberals must stay

loyal to party, which supersedes bourgeois notions like freedom,

sovereignty, boundaries, rights and principles. Useful tools to bring

down the bourgeoisieare heavy taxation and regulation, in addition to a

perpetual state of war, or other emergency when possible.

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