I can see why people would have a hard time believing covid 19 is just the flu, because it makes no sense when you have swallowed all the lies in gaslight media, pharma, government, etc. But then simply ask yourself what happened to the normal flu after the scamdemic started. Does it really make sense it vanished? I mean, how stupid can you be?

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on another note,

Japan has declared that covid is "seasonal flu", proving that Sanity is now finally happening, though there's Yahoo "news" telling of the latest "strain" because they're kontrolled as Youtube is, shown by how they just deleted the video of that Pfizer guy telling how Pfizer is working on CREATING NEW STRAINS so they can sell more vax.

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(but it's all a conspiracy theory and Ignore it all and go back to watching football or daytime TV)

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Never heard that one – so true

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"stupid 19" is the other virus that infected the world

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