I'm wondering about internet access now that we've tentatively planned to stay in a weekly apartment in Astrakhan instead of the hotel the entire time. We'll probably want/need that internet access for the sake of something to do. Normally, we could go sightseeing, but when it's below-freezing outside, that doesn't sound fun. Anyway, if there are gaps in our “reporting,” it's probably because we didn't have internet access that day. [UPDATE: We'll be staying at the hotel the entire time, after all, which has internet access.]

During that ten-day period, by the way, we will be able to visit Elizabeth in the orphanage once a day. [Correction: Only three times, total, but then she's ours.] But they also told us that the other family who will be there at the same time on their first trip will probably be given preferential treatment by the translator and driver. I don't really begrudge them that. You need preferential treatment on that first trip. Tara and I are old pros compared to them. Of course, if their child is at the same orphanage as ours, it would only make sense that we all go together.

UPDATE: Recently discovered this map showing the entrance of the orphanage on yandex.ru

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