I frequently have to point out that Israel is BAD. So many fall for the crazy “Judeo/Christian” saying. Here's what I've posted and look forward to any replies:

I hope that most feel the Rothschilds/Illuminati are bad. Do people know that the Rothschilds were behind the creation of Israel by way of the Balfour Declaration? So, it's rather obvious to me that Israel's creation by the Rothschilds was BAD.

The Rothschild Dynasty, The Illuminati, And Three World Wars by Myron C. Fagan

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I agree, but Jews and the criminals running Israel are not one and the same.

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Right, the demonic Zionists (Joe biden says he is one so it's nothing to do with Israel, Semitic, or Judaism) are the problem and LOTS of Jews are against Zionism.

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