In case you want to support a candidate who will bring some sanity from California to DC, here's the one I recommend.

He's not even in my district.

Sent: Friday, September 16, 2022 10:45 AM

Subject: This is really bad

So far, I haven't said much about this]

Hi ,

Sor far, I haven't said much about our opponent. I prefer to focus on what we're going to do, not who we're going to defeat. But at this point I need to tell you: if Kermit were to take this open seat in Congress it would be very, very bad.

I'm asking for your help, urgently, to make sure that doesn't happen.


This is who Pelosi selected to "retire" me, so she can keep the Speaker's gavel and so I won't be there to fight her at the Capitol. Pelosi is funneling huge amounts of money Kermit's way, mainly from East Coast liberals.

That's why I need the support of patriotic Californians to fight back.

It's been pointed out that Dr. Kermit (as he brands himself) models his politics after Dr. Pan. One of Kermit's first ever tweets was celebrating Pan's radical SB 277, which eliminated exemptions for childhood vaccinations and made California a national outlier.

This obsession continued last year when Kermit said, "I am excited about the FDA's authorization of the Pfizer vaccine for kids 5-11" — even as the FDA board itself expressed caution about child mandates for COVID.

Kermit then happily went along with Newsom's K-12 mandate and Dr. Pan's K-12 mandate legislation: he declined to condemn these child vaccine mandates even after every state and the California Legislature rejected them and even after Newsom and Pan withdrew them in humiliation.

When Biden proposed his national vaccine mandates — which were found unconstitutional — Kermit spoke up in enthusiastic support and viciously attacked those who opposed them. He said we could only celebrate the Fourth of July if we instituted Biden's "COVID vaccination program."

If Kermit gets to Congress, it could erase all the progress we've made in restoring sanity. Please donate as much as you can to make sure he never gets there.

Even when Dr. Fauci himself called for schools to re-open, Dr. Kermit refused to do so, going along with Newsom's corrupt shutdown. Our kids would have been set back another year if he had his way.

Months after even Newsom lifted his mask mandate, Kermit put up a post stating that wearing masks "is more important than ever." He shared a fearmongering video with stories like that of "one singer without a mask who infected 52 people at choir practice."

Incredibly, Kermit claimed that Newsom's California "set the pace for U.S. COVID recovery" when our state has among the nation's worst overall outcomes. In fact, he's been an outspoken advocate for keeping Newsom as Governor.

The last thing we need is a Newsom booster in Congress who will try to pave the way for a Newsom Presidential run. Please donate what you can today.

Many people who voted for Biden did so reluctantly. Kermit, by contrast, was an outright Biden cheerleader. Whatever Biden proposes, Kermit supports it automatically. He launched his campaign by saying his election would enable Biden to make "even more changes."

Kermit's social media is a shrine to the likes of Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders. His campaign is promoted by Defund the Police groups. He says things like "Join the Resistance!" and sends regular emails from Eric Swalwell attacking me.

On top of it all, Kermit proclaimed that the 2016 election was "rigged by Russia."

Kermit represents everything we've been fighting against, and defeating him, with your generous support, is our most important battle yet.

Our opponents know what is at stake in this race. They know how our citizens movement will shake up Washington, D.C. That's why they've have been funding Kermit's attacks for over a year, and it's why they're going to ramp them up 100-fold these final 50 days.

The reality is: If we don't have the resources to fight back, their lies will go unanswered, and we will be at risk of losing this race.

Could anything be worse than a triumphant tweet from Kermit on November 9, boasting that he has "retired" me? We just can't let it happen.

The good news is, together we have the power to make sure it doesn't happen.

All it takes is every loyal supporter giving as much as you can, as soon as you can.

If we are not outspent, we will win. It's that simple. But because Pelosi cleared the field for Kermit in the Primary, right now he has a bigger warchest and we need to catch up quickly.

Perhaps no election in this country presents a sharper contrast. Ours is a movement to restore sanity, and nothing would send a more powerful message than defeating a candidate who embodies all the insanity of the last three years.

Let's make sure that message gets sent, and not the precise opposite one. Whether it's $10, or $100, or $1,000, or the $2,900 legal maximum, I can't tell you how much I appreciate your tremendous help getting our campaign across the finish line.

Thank you!


p.s. Ballots go out in three weeks. I will be working as hard as humanly possible alongside our incredible volunteers. Every dollar we bring in today will immediately go to getting our ads on TV to answer Kermit's attacks. You can donate here.

Paid for by Kevin Kiley for Congress

for Congress, 9458 Treelake Road, Granite Bay, CA 95746, United States

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