Wow, she is great.

This interview gets very deep. She's so good at clearly articulating her thoughts.

Don't miss this one.

In case you don't know, she became famous as a correspondent on 60 Minutes, which used to be the cutting edge of TV reporting for decades. Then she worked at several other mainstream news outfits.

She tells it like she sees it and it could challenge your belief system, but that's a good thing.

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Here's what Google says about her:

"Logan has been honored with nearly every top award in the industry, including multiple Emmys, Edward R. Murrow Awards, the Overseas Press Club Award, and the Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Award, widely considered broadcast journalism's equivalent of the Pulitzer.Apr 9, 2019"

With credentials like that, you might think she's a media darling. But she's now hated. So what went wrong?!

Here's part 2 where she describes what's wrong with journalism today:

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