The CDC database called V-Safe ( I'd never heard of it) is the most accurate one the government has (I think), at least that they claim. Participants signed up right away when deciding to enthusiastically take the most safe and most effective "vaccine" of all time.

But it took over one year and 3-4 court cases to finally release it through the freedom of information act.

And man, are their fake and phoney injections causing tons of damage. It really makes me wonder if anyone actually got the placebo.

Now anyone can use this database millions are doing it thanks to The High Wire website.

My main objection is that people still act surprised with the government and their decisions because they don't want to admit humans can be so evil. NOTHING surprises me these days once you ask the simple question of why we see all this death and destruction and the obvious depopulation agenda in progress.

The CDC, FDA, EPA, CIA, FBI and all related criminal agencies must the abolished the first chance sane people regain power.

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