I'm watching video after video with people being so pleased they got it right years ago, self-congratulating and they can't see the obvious problem that the media and government are just spinning a new narrative.

It's so damn obvious.

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Of course, I have articles and videos where real scientists say covid doesn't exist. Here's one of them:




Also, somewhere in my 386,000 files (yes, I had an external drive die and I had to back up the other one and it said I had that many files to copy) I have a video where a virologist woman told he she tested for what was supposed to be the virus but there wasn't one.

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When did people forget the most basic tenant regarding the government which is that whatever they say is a lie?

Suddenly the virus escaped from the Wuhan lab must be true because the government is admitting it? Have people lost their minds – again?!!

The complete liars can suddenly be telling us the truth?

That's what this video is about:


Spoiler alert – you may have just fallen for the same exact scam.

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