One man's response (as a comment on YouTube) to the January 6, 2021 incident at the Capitol in Washington, DC

by Seventeen Raccoons

I was at the DC rally, first Trump spoke at the Ellipse and at the end of the speech said “Let's all walk down to the Capitol” So we all begin walking down Pennsylvania Ave, it was fun, they had a giant American flag that people were holding and we chanted and sang on our way to the Capitol. Thousands of people were gathered on the grass in front of the building. As I approached that area I noticed there were a lot of Antifa guys there, who were not really dressed like trump supporters, many of them wore olive drab military style clothing had helmets and gas masks (when was the last time Trump supporters brought gas masks and helmets to a rally?) They were organized, a guy in his fifties was in charge of the group and were in the process of scaling a wall in order to get behind the police line that were positioned at the steps. The guy in charge was yelling to his guys to scale the wall to get behind the Capitol Hill police line which were to the left blocking the stairs. After a few guys got teargassed that reached the top, the guy in charge had his guys confront the police line at the steps when within a few minutes the police retreated and we all had access to the stairs. At this point hundreds of us went up the stairs to the Capitol building and had gathered, mostly just yelling chants and singing but within a few minutes the Antifa guys began smashing windows. I was screaming at them to stop but there were at least 20-30 antifa guys and they were on a mission to enter the building. Well, they got a window open and few went in, more tear gas, then a Capitol Hill cop appeared inside standing by the door (had a glass window) with a cell phone recording/taking pictures and within a minute or two after he left, the door popped open and now a several antifa guys were there encouraging Trump supporters to enter the building. Well, about 100 people went inside. I saw what was happening and wanted no part of it and exited stage left.

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