No, not how to write a mantra. I mean here are a couple of mantras to keep in mind:

1) Most stories are about having something, losing it, and finding it again;

2) Just explain (clearly and concisely) WHAT HAPPENED, and keep it RELATABLE and INTERESTING.

I was making a list of names (including titles, states and countries) for a vbScript I’m working on. title=”click for larger view” href=”/images/signs-name-in-vain.webp”> The list grew to its current size, and I thought I should share it. My gift to mank

On a whim, I asked Bing Co-Pilot (chatgpt) to write a blog post about Folsom. Here’s the result

If you are interested in learning more about the history of Folsom, California, you might enjoy reading this blog post. Folsom is a city in Sacramento County that has a rich and diverse heritage, dating back to the Native American tribe