Here’s the real video:

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PST, wrote:

Unfortunately, those two video are just previews of the real thing,
It seems like Commie kontrol to me as in the old Soviet Union or China, but it seems that liberals don’t have a problem being put under Commie kontrol

I’m pretty sure that the spike proteins and mRNA HAVE been Proved to be very involved. So, that makes me= wonder about Icke, who long ago was pushing UFO and “reptilian” theories. (No, I haven’t looked at the video and might skin through it)

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Excellent discussion

Chinese state-supported shipping giant COSCO Shipping has stopped visiting Israeli ports, “Globes” has learned. The company, the fourth largest container shipping line in the world, with about 11% of world trade, decided on this step even though it is not much threatened in the Red Sea, because of the very fact that it is Chinese, and because of Ch