This interview is so amazing I consider it the way forward for you to ensure your family can survive the next year or two.

Catherine Austin Fitts takes a look at the global situation from a financial perspective which results in many different viewpoints than we usually hear.

Too many good points to mention, so just watch and learn from one of the smartest ladies you might ever come across.

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As the globalists keep being backed into a corner there's no limit to the evil they will unleash to maintain control.

But as she says, it boils down to knowing your locals – neighbors, farmers, bankers, sheriff, etc on a region by region basis.

It makes no difference who the POTUS is. We've been financing a criminal cartel since 1963 at least.

Fun fact – demand for cash is way up globally.

Sent: Sunday, December 25, 2022 8:35 PM

if the globalist unleash infected mosquitos or something similar and they get the military to bomb groups who resist, …. hell on Earth.

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