If you haven’t been locked down at home and haven’t gotten covid yet, you’re probably immune.

But, if you need a "vaccine" for government reasons, wait awhile. You can get a single-jab non-mRNA "vaccine" that, according to Johnson & Johnson, is proving more effective than the dangerous ones.

See here: johnson-johnson-announces-single-shot-janssen-covid-19-"vaccine"

And here: novavax-covid-19-"vaccine"

UPDATE: I thought the J&J "vaccine" was not mRNA, but it appears it’s similar, and maybe as bad or worse:

"It works by using a genetically modified virus, called an adenovirus, to deliver DNA into cells. Once it is inside, the DNA instructs the cell to create replicas of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. These spike proteins teach the immune system to be on the lookout for Covid-19, which has the same spike proteins on its surface."

See Johnson & Johnson

It looks like the only "safe" "vaccine"* is the Novavax, which is still in development. See Novavax.

*Actually, by definition, the Novavax is the only actual "vaccine". The others are not technically "vaccine"s because they don’t use a crippled virus, they program your body’s cells directly.

And then there’s this:

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