some big cases have shut down pharma tyranny, such as in DC the insane government allowed kids as young as 12 decide to secretly get vaxxed and hide this fact from parents. They would falsify records so parents wouldn't know but the school, doctor and insurance would be in on it. The ICAN network run by Del Bigtree had it shit down.

Another case by ICAN shut down the San Diego school system from requiring kids be killed by vax, a ploy by Adolf Newscum to get around requiring it by the state.

ICAN also was behind the court ordered release of the Pfizer docs they wanted delayed for 75 years.

Other cases by others got people fired for not killing themselves by vax to be rehired with back pay. This happened for some hospital staff, pilots and I think some fire fighters.

Some cases caused would be tyrants to stop bad legislation.

I'm sure I am missing some things.



Sent: Friday, March 17, 2023 10:05 PM

thanks about the trucker protests

There were (and still are) the Dutch farmers protesting but that's mainly about the "environment" and fertilizer shutdowns

I don't recall lawsuits being allowed

On Friday, March 17, 2023 at 09:38:24 PM PDT:

You might want to include how awake people have been fighting back against the fascist governments, such as truckers, lawsuits, protests, etc.



Sent: Friday, March 17, 2023 9:18 PM



For part of a story, I'm trying to recall the order of events with the scamdemic. Here's what I recalled. There's probably ones I forgot and I might not have the order right:

* Event 201

* Military games

* Report of new virus, Sars Covid 2

* Report that virus "crossed over to humans"

* People shown falling over dead on the street

* People warned of it

* Lockdowns

* Important businesses exempt from lockdowns

* Pelosi went to hair dresser

* Gavin had his party at "French Laundry"

* Military

* Post Office

* Congress

* Masks suggested

* Masks required

* Vaxxes suggested

* Vaxxes required for some

* Deaths and adverse reactions from vaxxes shown

* Info about deaths and adverse reactions censored

* Ivermectin & Hydroxy disallowed by government to cure people

* People slowly quit wearing masks

* People slowly quit required the vax for events

* Vaxxes admitted to not working by Gates

* When pilots started to drop dead, gov't wouldn't let vaxxed pilots fly their planes any more

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