Where's Black Lives Matter when you need them?

Four critical heads of government passed away recently. Mainstream media do speculate, it would have been connected with "the big C". Evidence? None. And it's interesting that it happened just with those countries implementing least measures and panic.

1. JOHN MAGUFULI (61), President of Tanzania — March 17th, 2021

The highest official corona opponent in the world declared the "pandemic" to be over. Denied "Lockdown", Masks & "Vaccines". Refuted the Drosten test with positive papayas.

2. HAMED BAKAYOKO (56), Premier of the Ivory Coast — March 10th, 2021

Reopened the nightlife in the country shortly after taking office in 2020. Emergency mode remained in place, but was handled a little more loosely than in neighboring countries. UN "vaccine" delivery during his treatment abroad.

3. AMBROSE DLAMINI (52), Premier of Swaziland — December 13th, 2020

Introduced corona measures, but a little more relaxed than in neighboring countries. His interim successor relied on drastic tightening of the "lockdown".

4. PIERRE NKURUNZIZA (55), President of Burundi — June 8th, 2020

Doubts about "the pandemic", denied measures and "vaccines", threw the WHO out of the country. His successor presented himself as a "Corona warrior", introduced mass tests and masks.

On 3/19/21 7:56 PM:

Here's the link to that goat and papaya coming back positive for covid: greatgameindia.com/tanzania-kicks-out-who-after-goat-papaya-samples-came-covid-19-positive/


Subject: Tanzania president still a problem 🙂

Tanzania's president warns of "dangerous and unnecessary" Covid-19 vaccination

The story couldn't be more bizarre. The east African state of Tanzania, known for its positive corona tests on goats and papayas, received a total of 27 million euros from the European Union to fight the corona virus. Quasi as a bonus to the already generous development aid. But the decision-makers there are out of line when it comes to scaremongering around the supposedly dangerous virus, as two cases show.

Courageous president exposes corona lie

It was President John Magufuli (a chemist) personally who impressively demonstrated the flawedness of the corona tests in May last year. At that time he tested a goat and a papaya (!) Positive for the virus. The mockery and criticism from the West (strangely no racism?) Came promptly because he did not stick to the official narrative and publicly criticized the World Health Organization (WHO).

Now Magufuli added: The Covid-19 vaccinations are dangerous, so he warned his citizens about the dangers of the vaccine. The WHO immediately urged Tanzania to follow "science" after the president said Covid-19 vaccinations were dangerous and unnecessary if people trusted God.

In addition, he will not do a lockdown in his country or on his citizens.

EU tried to bribe Tanzania

A few months ago, the EU tried to bribe the African state with 27 million (!) Euros from the EU solidarity fund. The condition for the donation of money: The country should completely cordon off, i.e. lockdown, also for the tourists who support the country's economy. But also to enforce the Covid-19 measures prescribed by the WHO such as strict lockdowns, masks and mass vaccinations.

The irony of the matter: Tanzania took the money and then declared the country coronavirus-free. Since then there have been no masks, vaccinations or lockdowns.

In addition, the Tanzanian president said last November that he does not intend to use any Covid-19 vaccine and will instead rely on local herbs to protect against the disease.

Africans more critical of corona hysteria

While the entire western world continues to blindly succumb to the corona madness and its dictatorial features, the clocks in Africa (and also South America) are likely to go differently. There, the skepticism and resistance to the pandemia is much greater than in our latitudes. The South African Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng described the corona vaccination as "part of a satanic agenda" and recommended that his compatriots not be vaccinated.

On Friday, March 19, 2021, 01:58:15 PM PDT:

I loved Tanzania's president for his bravery. I guess "they" killed him. Shapiro just recently relocated from L.A. to Nashville. Too bad he's such an idiot. We already have enough of those.

Sent: Friday, March 19, 2021 12:53 PM

of course shapiro supports mandatory vaccinations. he's a zionist swampster puppet!

On Mar 19, 2021, at 3:54 PM:


On Friday, March 19, 2021, 12:35:35 PM PDT:

Yea, just heard about it here:


Putin Vs. Biden & Ben Shapiro Supports Mandatory V's For Kids In School!

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And he said the timing is a bit questionable.

Sent: Friday, March 19, 2021 12:17 PM

Tanzanian president dead


A comment From sott.net regarding the two African presidents who conveniently died of heart attacks:

The body runs on electrical impulses. The heart, the brain, the vision, the hearing, all is electromagnetic impulses. For decades, the intelligence agencies have had machines which emit directed electromagnetic fields that can stop a heart, implant speech into the auditory regions of the brain, or stop the breathing. They keep this as one of their most precious secrets, that such technology exists. They can assassinate anybody they want at any time, without firing a single shot. When they assassinate people in the latter violent manner, it is because they want to send a warning to others who might think of defying them. (Iran's General Soleimani.) They also commit murder with great care and forethought – will the replacement for the dead man be even worse, even more defiant? And they know that their enemies also have the same technology, and can retaliate. That's why they use it with such care. But Burundi? Or Tanzania? Tanzania does not have, or probably even know of, this technology.

See also: fromthetrenchesworldreport.com, greatgameindiea.com, sott.net

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