It worked against apartheid South Africa. Let's hope it works against other tyrants, in this case tech tyrants

“Take a Stand Against Big Tech: Facebook, Google, Twitter.

These tech titans seek to silence us from public discourse…and they're doing it with our tax dollars.

Each state government spends a tremendous amount of money with these companies. This includes buying stock, purchasing ads, buying equipment, and more. It adds up to a tremendous investment of our tax dollars into companies that are entirely hostile to our views.

I say no more.

Florida is the first state that is considering divesting in Big Tech. It's essentially the same approach that was used toward South Africa during Apartheid…and it can be quite effective.

Click here to send one message that goes to your governor, state representative, and state senator. It goes to your locally elected officials, too. (Each box must be completed in order for the message to be delivered to them)

Tell them you don't want your tax dollars supporting companies that censor conservative views. Once one state divests from Big Tech, others will follow. The only thing these companies understand is cash.”

Read, listen or watch the rest here: Accuracy in Media

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