Elizabeth dragged me onto another one of her outings this morning. If nothing else, she keeps me in shape. This time, she was on her motorized scooter (the kind you stand on), while I rode my bicycle. No fair making the old man use pedal power while she rides a scooter, giving only her throttle hand a workout.

But first, I had to fix my flat. I had just put a new tire on it last weekend, how did it have a flat already? Oh well. I don't have a patch kit, so I took a tube from another bike instead. Removing my old tube, I wasn't thinking straight. I pulled the tube out from under the tire, but forgot to first take the wheel off the bicycle itself. I did it right a minute earlier with the first bike. How did I get it wrong this time?

Anyway, Elizabeth says, “You don't need to take the wheel off. Here, I'll show you.” I'm smirking at the confidence she has in her ability to achieve what appears to me a physical impossibility. But I let her try. Maybe she's a genius and I'm an idiot. But, she couldn't do it, after all, saying, “You go ahead.” 🙂

Maybe I'm not an idiot, at least not all the time. I still think she's a genius, just not all the time. I like that she tried. She just naturally assumed she could do it, unlike so many others who assume they can't without even trying.

We rode all the way down to the neighborhood entrance, about half a mile. I wanted to turn around and come back, but she wouldn't let me. We crossed the street over to the next neighborhood and circled all the way through it, the far end of which includes a very steep hill. We both got off and walked for that.

On the way back, I picked some berries growing wild in our neighborhood. Elizabeth says they're called “blood berries” according to “everyone” at school. They do “bleed” and look like blood on your hands. I'll have to look them up and see if they're edible. If so, I'll plant them in our back yard.

I guess that's it for today.

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