just "follow the science" but the only science that leftists know is social science

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She should win an award for electric vehicle saleswoman of the year.😆

Some really good info here.


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You know that I am all about FREEDOM of CHOICE.

If you own and love your battery-operated car, that's great!

Just know that it is not a "zero emissions" vehicle…

And that it's not "better for the environment" than a gas-powered car.

Remember: batteries don't create energy; batteries store energy that was created elsewhere.

And most of the energy that is stored in batteries was produced using gas, oil or coal.

Further, these rechargeable car batteries (weighing approx 1500 pounds) use a tremendous amount of natural (and toxic) metals including lithium-ion, nickel-metal oxide and nickel-cadmium.

These batteries are constantly self-discharging, which means these toxic elements are leaking from the battery.

In my latest video The ZERO-EMISSIONS MYTH, I go into great detail about the downside of these electric vehicles, which are being heavily promoted here in California (which plans to outlaw new gas-powered cars by 2035).

Hmmm… looks like another scheme by the New World Disorder to restrict our movement by reducing the amount of driving (since you can only go about 200 mile radius in an electric car) and to have central control over the electricity available.

There are so many red flags about these electric vehicles.

Be sure to watch the video if you want to learn more!

Was it an ACCIDENT — or SABOTAGE??

Friends, in the coverage I provided in the video above, I pronounced the name of the town as East "Palesteeen" (because that is how the newscasters said it). Of course, in the Middle East, this is pronounced "Palest-EYE-n."

Then, in the comments section of my video, a resident of Ohio told me that indeed this town is also pronounced as"Palest-EYE-n." Hmm… another interesting twist in this story.

Watch my video here for more twists and turns as I share a handful of things that made me go "Hmmm…" (such as the book and movie called WHITE NOISE, which was about a train derailment and chemical explosion in — you guessed it — East Palestine!).

I also share a couple of tips of how to be on guard for the next hogwashing.

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