"To be very clear: 'I know someone who works at a hospital and they are saying that people are dying from respiratory infections' is not an argument for the existence of a new virus.

This is like saying 'I know someone who fell down the stairs' and then claiming that earth's gravity must have been altered by cosmic rays.

The flu has basically never been tested for, as it is so easily identified by standard symptoms. My initial thesis, in March of 2020, was that they may have identified a standard annual strain of the flu, and then claimed it was a 'new virus' (whilst in fact every year the flu is a 'new virus'). At this point, I'm not confident that it is possible to map the genome of a virus at all, but that's a small detail.

The PCR test is an absolute joke, as we've all been over and over again. We've known this since they began using it. The Nobel laureate who invented the PCR test, Kary Mullis, said it couldn't be used to test for an infectious virus, and nothing about the technology has significantly changed since he said that."

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